Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The journey of lesson planning and simulated teaching....

I thought it was easy doing lesson planning and preparing for simulated teaching but I was proven wrong again this time round because I decided to take it easy. But the consequences was double panicking the night before. LOL..

But thanks to my team mates, we managed to pull everything together and we were able to get things done and we did not have to pull an all nighter. I was thinking of how to write the report and also thinking of how to teach for the lesson the next day. I was thinking what to say and what to do.

But I thanked Mr Fauzi for setting the kind of atmosphere in the class since earlier on where we are free to learn whenever we want to. So the simulated teaching went well and we were able to carry out the whole thing smoothly and in the process edited some steps since time wasn't enough. But after the whole the presentation, we were given good comments and also very constructive comments from our lecturer and also our peers. I was glad that we got good marks and I was glad that we got very constructive remarks.

This quote is very true! After experiencing the simulated teaching process, I learnt about the flaws and my mistakes. From there, I learn to not repeat the mistakes again. I also learnt to improve myself and bring myself to a higher level.

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