Monday, July 20, 2009

Linking to real life....

Science is in our daily life.... It is everywhere. There are times where we don't think scientifically and be ignorance of this thing call science. Like in our daily life, we eat lots of different types of food. There are food that is more acidic and some food that are neutral or alkaline. This are all related to science. We cannot just study everything in school yet fail to apply it in life. We know that food that are sour are acidic then people who have gastric problems should avoid taking food that are acidic. I find that some people are so ignorant of simple knowledge such as this and end up rolling on the floor because of gastric pain.
Science is not a subject by itself only. It is link to all kinds of things in life. We need to learn that different stuff works differently and it is good to have the knowledge yet it is even better if we know how to apply the knowledge in our daily life. If not it is a waste studying in school.
There is this quote that I really like... It goes like this:
If you think Education is expensive, try ignorance! Derek Bok
That is really true! For the gastric person, if he knows that it will hurt to eat sourish things then he will try to avoid it then.
If a person knows that touching electrical points with wet hand will get electrical shock then the person will be cautious to wipe the hands dry before proceeding to on the switch or anything else.
The list goes on and on.... So we must learn to apply what we learn to our real life. And never be ignorant and proud!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Science Class In UM

Tuesday 7/7/2009

We are ask to create another blog again... But we also can use the existing one that we had. I do not know whether we can We were asked to blog about something that is educational. So what should I blog about? Today i met some ppl who were asking about what course I was studying. I am studying to be a teacher and da di da di da.... The usual conversation and came the most hot and popular question and the much expected answer.
PPL: 'How long is ur course?'
Me: 6 years.
PPL: 6 YEARS???!!!!
Ya ya.. and then on goes the mundane explanation of the whole course. But I feel it was a great 4 years that had passed. And I learned a lot and I feel I am getting more and more ready to be a teacher.

Today, our science lecturer let us read a lot of stories that have great moral values. At first i wasnt interested but after reading the story I was captivated by the moral value and the joke of the story. It taught me that I need to be a good learner and observer. In life, everyone is a learner and nobody is the smartest or the greatest. That is why I feel that we as human need to continue to learn each and everyday of our lives.